Little Explorers

Sage STEAM Academy believes that the best learning methods for this age group are play-based and experiential.

Our activities help our preschoolers to build skills in a variety of areas such as pre-reading literacy, math foundation, creative expression,  art, and science. The lessons are interactive and engaging, with simple verbal directions, appealing graphics and music and movement within their very own virtual classroom. The preschool scope and sequence is organized around themes such as colors, shapes, numbers, letters, weather and calendar activities, These are introduced during Circle Time and/or with a story or song, and are followed by activities tied to the theme. 

What should a Preschooler be learning?


Many preschoolers can probably do household tasks like toileting, opening a tube of toothpaste, pouring a cup of water, and undoing buttons, and you have likely watched your child happily running, jumping, hopping, and catching a ball. Equally as likely, your child has also begun more academic pursuits like telling stories, singing songs or short poems, recognizing letters and numbers, beginning to understand time, and naming some colors.


Sage STEAM Academy's goal is to prepare your child for kindergarten—academically, behaviorally, and socio-emotionally. Here are some knowledge and skills that your Preschooler should be learning to help as you plan at home:

  • To identify some letters of the alphabet and some common sight words

  • To identify words that rhyme

  • To write his/her first name with uppercase and lowercase letters

  • To speak in complete sentences

  • To repeat his/her full name, phone number, address, and birthday

  • To grip writing implements (i.e., pencil, marker, crayon, chalk) correctly

  • To count to ten

  • To classify objects based on shape, size, and quantity

  • To use glue, scissors, paint, and other art supplies

  • To bounce a ball

  • To play alone or with another child, focused on one activity for a maximum of ten minutes

 Explorer Themes

All About Me
At The Library
In My Neighborhood
All About Seasons
More ABCs
Parts of the Body
Healthy Habits
Out To Sea
Let’s Play Outside
All About Space
Days of The Week
Time Of Day
Making Music
All About Nature
Healthy Habits

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